External Report Embedding in JasperServer Community Edition


I understand it is possible to embed the JasperServer view into an HTML iframe, but I was wondering if the community edition also supports hosting external report files from a separate web application. Let me know if I need to explain this more clearly, but the general idea is to have the JasperServer generate a report, send it to an external web application, and have that output to a web page. Is this possible with the community edition?

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Hello, have you got the answer? I have the same question.

jianspf - 5 years 8 months ago

2 Answers:

Your question is not clear. Could you please be more specific about the same.

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Visualize.js can be used to embed reports into their web pages using div tags. However, Visualize.js is only available on JasperReports Server Enterprise and Professional editions.

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