Integrate SSO using External database in jasper server


I am trying to integrate SSO using External database.For this I have created external DB on which i have created a table(user table) with follwing fields
user table
2.Username -charcter varying(100)
3.password--charcter varying(100)
4.Fullname--charcter varying(100)
5.tenantid etc.
Now i want to login jasper server using extenal database.means if i login jasper server using external database then it should be login successfully and redirect to home page of jasper server.can you please suggest what should i do for this?
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1 Answer:

Have you looked at the External Authentication Cookbook, available under the docs link?  There is an external database chapter. It describes how to set up logging in using an external database. This is not "true" SSO, in that users will have to log in again, but they can use their existing username and password.

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I have Tried this using "External Authentication Cookbook" and follow all the steps but not able to do that .I am not able to connect external database.can you please explain in brief how we can do that?

gauravkhandelwal1992 - 8 years 7 months ago

When you follow all the steps, what happens? Do you get errors, either on screen or in the logs?

djohnson53 - 8 years 7 months ago