How to set format for decimals inside the expression of tooltip.pointFormat in HTML5

I am using HTML5 charts in Jasper Studio Professional. I want to set the tooltip to show a whole number and the percentage and set the decimals just for percentage. I found something like this from an example:


but it does not work correctly. After running the report in Jasperserver AWS, I can see the text "{point.percentage:.0f}%" in the tooltip instead of formatted number!

Anybody knows what is the problem and the solution?



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1 Answer:

Are you using JasperServer 5.5 in AWS? Look at this article regarding using formatting functions also note at the bottom of the article that talks about a bug on some of the JRS 5.5 builds.

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Thanks marianol. I had to use that formatter eventually. It has a bug in it but you can get it working somehow.

kashoory - 9 years 3 months ago