#AWS no output data on server but preview on studio works fine


I have created a very simple report in jasper studio and connected to my data source with a query. I have column headers and details section containing the data from query output. 

When I preview the report in studio everything looks fine, data is all there. 

After I publish to jasper server and I click on the report the "details" section with all of the data is blank.

What am I doing wrong?




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1 Answer:

Is the RDS or Redshift connection from the server connected to a database with data and this data is similar/the same as the one you connected studio? 

Since the report is comming up blank, the connection should be fine, but the report query looks like is not returning any rows, try running the reprot query directly against your datasource from the server to see if the data is coming back as expected.

Another want to quick check is to build a quick Domain and an Adhoc View using the same Datasource and see if you can retrieve metadata (and data) from that database. 

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