How to pass Query String in Jasper to input control

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 I Created UserInteractiveReport using Ireport tool and deployed this JasperReportServer.In Report1 dispalyed data in table and passing query string

to another report(report2) .In Report 2 how to take value from query string that we passed from report1.I Created input control with paramer name but

it is not working .please help me in this

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Can you post some sample reports to have a better idea of what are you trying to achieve? Also which version of iR and JRS are you using?

marianol - 8 years 11 months ago

If you are trying to dynamically load SQL query into JasperReports and hoping JR will figure out what fields the query will produce at the run time, it will not work. Report fields ($F{}) in the template (JRXML file) needs to be defined at design time, not run time, in order for you to use them in the report layout.

If you can control what columns this passed in report query contains, you can manually define those fields ($F{} name and type) in the report layout, and use !P{parameter1} in the report query to get the data at run time. "parameter1" is a String parameter in your report2 layout. Hope this helps.

tchen - 8 years 11 months ago

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