How do I sort a column in a table in Jaspersoft Studio?



I am using Jaspersoft Studio 5.5.1. I have a table in my report that has say 3 columns. I want to be able to sort column a, followed by column b, followed by column c.

I am not asking for click-to-sort capability after the report is generated. I am simply trying to get my report sorted during generation time. The documentation is useless in that if I search for the word 'sort' I find nothing. The other questions on this forum have to do with click-to-sort.


Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer:


On the Dataset and Query Dialog page there are tabs at the bottom (Fields, Parameters, Sorting, Filter Expressions, and Data Preview).  You can add a field on the Sorting section.

Alternatively you could add an Order By to your Query if you are using SQL.

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