Hiding empty chart/band


Report is made out of several subdata sets. In each band there is one chart/table. In some cases, then data is filtered, charts are empty and I would like them not to appear on actual report.

Is there any way to check field values? ( now jasperserver throws error that parameters/variables are not found, I think it's because they all are from sub data set) 

Or maybe there is a way to pass parameter/variable from sub data set to main data set?

Im  using:

jasperserver version:5.5.0

Jaspersoft iReport Designer 5.5.0       


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1 Answer:

Create a Boolean Parameter.

Click on your band and look in the Property view in Appearance tab. Set "Print When Expression" to not print when the Parameter is true.

Just a thought, would be better is you just create one band and just set "Print When Expression" on each of your images.

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