Crosstab page break


I have a report with a crosstab defined in the Summary band. FOr layout/cosmetic reasons I have added a read textbox showing the title and a frame to underlay the whole thing in grey.

I have attached images that show the layout.

I have run into two problems:

1) When I run the report, I get the page-selection box above the red textbox (Image P1) and when I now go to the next pages the textbox disappears (Image P2)which looks really ugly

2) So far I have not found any way to insert a page break after every line of the cross tab.


Ideally I would want...

  • the page-selection box to show up under the red title box (P1NEW)
  • have the title box be visible all the time regardless on which page I am (P2NEW)
  • and show only one line per page. (P1NEW and P2NEW)

In the attached images I have mocked-this up. Does someone have an indea on how I could do this?


Thanks so much!


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1 Answer:


Just put your header in the page header band instead of in the summary band.

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Hi Hozawa,

Unfortunately that does not work either: The page selection box is still above the red header band and the header band is visible only on the first page. I also tried to put it in the column header band, same problems...

Any other ideas?

stefan.menger - 5 years 7 months ago

Correction: It does work - sort of... I did not realize that I had to check the "Summary with Page Header and Footer"-option.

stefan.menger - 5 years 7 months ago