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In JsStudio I have created a report that draws it data from a query with a "...where Location = $P{LocName}" clause. LocName is a string parameter. I export the report to JSServer.

In JS Server I created a Single-Select based Input Control called LocName which is based on a query (select distinct LocationName from tblINput). I used the JS Server Admin document section 4.3 to create the resource. I did it via right-clicking on the repository where I want to store the resource. I can see my newly created input control in the rspective folder. So far so good.


Now I want to use the report in a dashboard and select LocName via my input control. Hence I create a new dashboard, pull the report into the dashboard. I now would expect the LocName (single select) to appear under SpecialContents/SingleSelect. However I can not find my input control anywhere. Obviously I am missing a step. Can someone help me?




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I mean section 4.4 of the documentation...

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Problem solved: I found the (or at least A) solution myself:

In JSServer you have to go into the edit report funcitonality, remove the old input control (which was based on the parameter created in Studio) and create a new input control based on the previously created resource.


If someone knows a better way of doing that (so that I don't have to delete the old parameter and create a new input control) please chime in!

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1 Answer:

From JSS, go to the repository view. You'll be able to find the resources in the folder in JRS from here and be able to delete items too.

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