Embedding JasperServer CE into external web application

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I am just starting to explore the world of JasperServer, and i'm currently working with the Community Edition. I've seen many pages with instructions on how to put the content such as a Dashboard or the Ad-Hoc editor into an iFrame and calling it through the HTTP API. And seems it can be done with simple reports too (and i'm interested only on displaying such reports since the Community Edition doesn't include dashboards and ad-hoc). But in every sample i see that the only content shown is what's included into the Dashboard itself. Whilst, i want to display all the features of JasperServer (including the repository navigation panel, and the menu panel), not just the report as an output. Meaning all this should be included into the iFrame: 
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5b6UXvcw2G0/UYUUhqE9l_I/AAAAAAAAAKE/sJBN4BdCGkU/s1600/Create+an+Input+control+in+JasperServer1.png (may be, just without the search and logout forms).

I've been struggling in finding out a solution, and i'm only getting more confused as i see more and more examples/instructions. So my questions are: Is this possible? If yes,do the functionalities work properly and can anyone provide me the right instructions how to achieve this? (needed parameters and so on)

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Well, it may. Not really recommended unless you have a blank html page without anything else. For example, if you're using something like Liferay upfront, they have their own css and javascript files which may interface with JRS's css and javascript files. If the site uses jquery for example, it has to be using the same version because you'll have version conflict otherwise. Remember, there's actually only 1 html page - iframe is just importing the html tags into the main html tags.

Another problem is with login. It's doesn't look good when an user have to login from an iframe. They get confused because they are usually logged in onto the web server already.

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Yes, i've already thought on putting all in a blank page, that's why i would be needing the entire layout. As per the application in which it should be embedded, it a jsf based one. For the login problem, i've already found the solution (even if not yet tested). Either using JRS's HTTP API, or a JAAS configuration (as my current app-server is Glassfish, with a JAAS declarative implementation), so i can build it on top of the Spring Security framework provided with JRS (correct me if i'm wrong). Thank you for your quick reply!

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