Mapping result set to rewindable datasource


Hi .. I have a very complex (expensive) query that needs to get passed to 4 sub-reports. Since a JDBC results set is not rewindable, I'm looking for a way that I can map the JDBC result set once into a rewindable data source and then pass that to the subreports.

This sounds like something that someone else must have tried to solve before, so does anyone have a solution that can share?

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Yes, it does look like someone has done before.

Take a look at the following page under "rewindable data source"

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What was the explicit example you are referring to. I was aware of the section you pointed me to, but alas I do not find any rewindable datasource that can take a JDBC datasource ( and map it to a rewindable datasource .. nor can I find any pointer to logic that will do so. I am looking for an explicit example. If I end up writing myself, I'll try to post back here .. but hopefully someone has real code I can reuse.

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