HTML5 Charts Missing from iReport Designer

First of, the fact that HTML5 charts are only available via iReport designer needs to be emphasized more - this is not intuitive enought and the overlap of features between Jasper Studio and iReport Design is super confusing.

Espeacially when you're new to Jasper & trying to troubleshoot this results in trying the solution in 2 places - then to find out only that its some sort of a bug that needs work around. HORRIBLE WASTE OF TIME.

In any case.. After almost a week of troubleshooting (thinking it has to do w/ Themes) I find out this feature is only part of iReport Designer when I already built all my reports in Studio.

When I open iReport HTML5 Chart is missing from the Pallete alltogether .... UGGHHh... 

Using the Pro/Trial version of Jasper Server.

1) How to get HTML5 Charts appear in the Pallete? Is this an IDE bug?

2) How to convert the charts that I arleady created (over last 2 weeks) into HTML5 Chart format?


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1 Answer:

iReports is already in maintence phase and no further new features are planned to be added so you shouldn't be using it.

The new JasperReports design tool is Jaspersoft Reports. HTML5 is only available in Professional version and not in community version.

That is, if you're planning on using HTML5, you should be using Jaspersoft Studio.

Unfortunately, there's no compatibility between Charts, Charts Pro, and HTML5 Charts, You'll have to manually convert from one to the other.


iReport and Jaspersoft Studio is only a tool to create jrxml files. Generated jrxml files are the same in both products so you should be able to open and edit  jrxml files created in iReport in Studio. Unfortunately, since iReport is already in maintenance phase and no new features are added to it, if you use new features, jrxml file may no open because it does not support the feature.

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