JRXlsExporter - Invalid row number (65536) outside allowable range

I was trying to write an excel sheet and then download the same using byteArray. I have almost 1L records and is getting the following error.

Invalid row number (65536) outside allowable range (0..65535)

  try    {      List<byte[]> byteArray = new ArrayList();      for (ReportGen reportGen : reportGenOutputs)      {        JasperPrint jasperPrint = (JasperPrint)reportGen.getContent();        ByteArrayOutputStream outStr = new ByteArrayOutputStream();                JRXlsExporter XLSExp = new JRXlsExporter();        XLSExp.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.JASPER_PRINT, jasperPrint);        XLSExp.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.OUTPUT_STREAM, outStr);        XLSExp.setParameter(JRXlsAbstractExporterParameter.IS_REMOVE_EMPTY_SPACE_BETWEEN_ROWS, Boolean.TRUE);        XLSExp.exportReport();                byteArray.add(outStr.toByteArray());      }      return byteArray;    }    catch (Exception e)    {     // Exception goes here    }

Invalid row number (65536) outside allowable range (0..65535)Invalid row number (65536) outside allowable range (0..65535)

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1 Answer:

Seems like something in the following thread. Which version of JasperReports are you using?


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Version : jasperreports-3.7.6
The above link seems not using the JasperReports but the Apache POI.

tailorbird.restless - 9 years 1 week ago

Is this issue got resolved? I am facing this same issue with jasperreports-5.5.1 version.
Nevermind,it seems not an issue with Jasper reports.
Changed JRXlsExporter to JRXlsxExporter to generate XLSX format instead of XLS.

vsairam28 - 7 years 9 months ago