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I have a dashboard that contains two reports. One of the reports drills down to other reports via the ReportExecution functionality: When I click on that report, the "drill-down" report opens up in the same spot. So far so good.

For the second report I want to drill down to a new dashboard. I do that using the Reference functionality of the hyperlink. However, when I set the Target = Self, the new dashboard opens up in the window there the top level report had been.

Here is the question: How can I drill down to a dashboard and take it over the same space/window as the top level dashbord (that contained the two initial reports)?

Target=Blank will open it in a new window which is not acceptable.

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How about Target = Top


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That solved it!!! Thanks!

stefan.menger - 5 years 9 months ago

Cool!! Remember to click the checkmark next to the answer so it will be easier to find for others that run into the same issue.

marianol - 5 years 9 months ago