Hiding the Measures heading from crosstab view

I am creating an Ad Hoc View and I have included a distinct count measure .

The view displays a row with a heading of Measures and then FieldName(DistinctCount) displayed to the right.

This row is showing up in the reports based on the view and I can't figure out how to hide it.

Is it possible to hide the measure heading? If so, how?

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1 Answer:

In Ad Hoc, if you're creating a 'table' view, you can right click on the Column Header and choose the 'Edit Label' option.  You could then change the Label to something more appropriate. It needs something. Just spaces or an empty string won't work.

If you're doing a crosstab or a chart, and using a domain, you would need to edit the domain's Display section and change the field's name there.

If you created the field from the Ad Hoc itself, you're not going to have much recourse.  You might consider creating a derived table or a calculated field in a domain that creates the distinct count, then using the above mentioned Display section to manipulate its label.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the answer.
I was creating a crosstab in ad hoc from a domain. It shows user types down the left and years along the top with a distinct count of loginId as the measure and I think the appearance of the measures heading row will just confuse the people reading the report.

I'll do like you suggest and create the table I need in the domain so I can use a label that will make for easier reading, but ideally, I'd like to be able to hide the purple measures row.

richard.cutts - 9 years 9 months ago