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  1. It would seem not. http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/jasperreports-server-web-services-guide/v56/v2-resource-descriptor-types ---- The following types are defined in commercial editions of the server and appear in the repository. However, they are meant only to describe the corresponding resources as read-only objects in the repository. The REST API does not support services for clients to create or modify these types. The types in the following table contain only the Common Attributes. application/repository.adhocDataView+json application/repository.adhocDataView+xml The Ad Hoc view type is not fully defined yet and subject to change. Ad Hoc views may be referenced as data sources in other repository types, in which case they are called advDataSource.
  2. I'm having the same issue but with a fresh 5.6 install on Windows / SQL Server 2012. I'll update if I find anything out.
  3. Unfortunately this setting only seems to apply to the topmost label. As per the screenshot, the topmost labels showing the time values are rotated. However the labels lower down the x axis do not rotate in the same fashion.
  4. I am creating an Ad Hoc line chart and the axis labels at the bottom are overlapping each other making the chart as good as useless. What can I do to stop this happening. Can I get all the labels to rotate as the time do in the screenshot below?
  5. The problem with the above security file seems to be with the principal expression element. When I re-write the xml so that the opening tag and the content of the principal expression are on the same line, the filter works. <principalExpression>authentication.getPrincipal().getRoles().any{ it.getRoleName() in ['ROLE_SUPERUSER','ROLE_USER'] } </principalExpression>[/code]When split across lines, it doesn't seem to work. <principalExpression> authentication.getPrincipal().getRoles().any{ it.getRoleName() in ['ROLE_SUPERUSER','ROLE_USER'] } </principalExpression>[/code]
  6. The supermart security file is behaving as I would expect and seems to be setup in the same way so all I can conclude at this point is that my domain design is squiffy in some respect. I'll update if I figure anything out.
  7. When clicking the 'View SQL Query' button in the adhoc view there's no WHERE clause present. Tried other user roles. I've rebooted the server. I've created a new, similar domain from scratch and a new adhoc view based on that. Still can't get anything filtered out.
  8. I am attempting to test the row level access and have created a join of 2 simple tables (see below for schema) <jdbcQuery id="JoinTree_1" datasourceId="SQL_Server_2012"> <fieldList> <field id="PageDetail.PageDescription" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="PageDetail.PageIndex" type="java.lang.Integer" /> <field id="PageDetail.PageName" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="PageDetail.PageRepeat" type="java.lang.Integer" /> <field id="PageDetail.PageTitle" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="PageDetail.SiteId" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="PageDetail.SiteTitle" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="StudyAdmin_UserRoleSite.SiteId" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="StudyAdmin_UserRoleSite.UserGroupId" type="java.lang.String" /> <field id="StudyAdmin_UserRoleSite.Username" type="java.lang.String" /> </fieldList> <joinInfo alias="PageDetail" referenceId="PageDetail" />[/code]I have added a security file to the domain with the following content <securityDefinition xmlns="http://www.jaspersoft.com/2007/SL/XMLSchema" version="1.0" itemGroupDefaultAccess="granted"> <resourceAccessGrants> <!-- Begin row-level security --> <resourceAccessGrantList id="JoinTree_1_access_grant" label="AccessJoinTree1" resourceId="JoinTree_1"> <resourceAccessGrants> <resourceAccessGrant id="JoinTree_1_ROLE_USER_row_grant"> <principalExpression> authentication.getPrincipal().getRoles().any{ it.getRoleName() in ['ROLE_USER'] } </principalExpression> <filterExpression> StudyAdmin_UserRoleSite.Username in ('user001') </filterExpression> </resourceAccessGrant> </resourceAccessGrants> </resourceAccessGrantList> </resourceAccessGrants></securityDefinition>[/code]When accessing a view based on this domain with a user role of ROLE_USER, I expected to only see results where the username was 'user001'. However, what I see is every row. Can any see anything obviously wrong with my security file?
  9. I'd since figured as much but thanks for confirmation. Thanks for your time.
  10. A dashboard is almost what I'm looking for apart from not being able to export/print.
  11. Are there any docs/tutorials that show how to create reports in Jaspersoft Studio Pro based on domains that have been setup in JasperReports Server?
  12. I am wondering if it's possible to create a report that contains multiple ad hoc views or an add hoc view that contains multiple tables, crosstabs, or charts. I'm still trying to get my head around the distinction between a report and an ad hoc view. I read this wiki page http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jaspersoft-domains-and-topics-reference and it really helped me gain a better understanding of domains, topics, and reports but it doesn't mention ad hoc views which at least seem to be a compulsary building block of a report.
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