I deleted the included users, to create my own organization, but now I get Internal Server Error when I load the login page.

  • I deleted everybody except for superuser/superuser.
  • then added everyone I wanted to an organizotion.
  • then opened an incognito window, and tried to login. recieved an error.
  • I read that I wasn't suppossed to get rid of the anonymous user, so I added that back.
  • My session timed out eventually, and now I can't get in at all.

How do I fix this? is there a configuration file I need to mess with?

here is the error:

Internal server error occurred. Please contact your system administrator.

Details: An exception occurred processing JSP page /WEB-INF/decorators/../jsp/modules/common/jrsConfigs.jsp at line 39 36: localContext: {}, 37: isIPad: "", 38: contextPath: "", 39: publicFolderUri: "", 40: organizationId: "", 41: commonReportGeneratorsMetadata: ${not empty reportGenerators ? reportGenerators : '[]'}, 42: templatesFolderUri: '', Stacktrace:

stack trace wasn't given to me :-\

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1 Answer:

Hey sorry for the delay. I got refered to this question form another one. The problem is that the anonymous user is the one used to display the login page. Check here for the answer on how to get your user back. http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/824461/i-deleted-anonymoususer...


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