Selective export formats per report

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Is it posible to limit the export formats on a report by report basis? Either via the .jrxml file or JasperReports Server 5.5 would be great.

A few examples:

  • I want to make it impossible to export a centain report as paginated Xcel or XLSX.
  • I want to make it impossible to export reports for certain roles, but not others.
  • I want to make it impossible to export as RTF server wide.

My appologies for explaining to poorly the first time around, I hope this is better.

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1 Answer:

not sure why Jaspersoft Studio is tagged here. However you can in Jaspersoft Studio environment work with different levels of configuration. 1) Workspace 2) Project 3) File level. This would allow you to change and test you settings on a report basis. However in order to persist this information at JRXML level you will have to modify the properties of the report for example. 

See attached screenshots for clarification.

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I updated the question to better reflect what I want.

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