Output To Host File System

"Output To Host File System" for the scheduler output options seems to be disabled in my installation of Jasper reports server 5.5 community edition. In the "What's New" description (http://community.jaspersoft.com/what-is-new) this is touted as a feature in the community edition. How do I get this option enabled?

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1 Answer:

You need to enable this in applicationContext.xml.

"The scheduler outputs reports through several channels. Most reports are emailed, but reports can also be written
to FTP folders. You can also configure the scheduler to write reports to the server's local file system. This option
is disabled by default for security reasons."

See the section "Restricting File System Output" in the JRS Admin Guide for instructions on how to do this.



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Thank you for your help. This works now!

jeffrey.hegeman - 9 years 4 months ago

Hi There,

we are using JasperSoft (Pro) 7 and enabling this option (and restarting the service) does not enable the selection to save scheduled reports to the filesystem.

Is there anything I missed to enable besides of the setting in




glenarvand - 2 years 6 months ago