Installation jasperserver - Existing Tomcat problem

I installed tomcat6 on my Ubuntu server

apt-get install tomcat6

Now I want to install jasperserver - I choose with an existing tomcat 

I have to insert the tomcat location..

i tried /etc/tomcat6


everytime I receive an error: The directory you selected does not seem to be a valid Tomcat directory...

What is the location then??

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1 Answer:

When you install tomcat with aptitude (apt-get) as a package in Ubunto (or other linux flavors) the package installers separates catalina home and catalina base in to separate places in the file system. If I remember correctly in Ubuntu by default, CATALINA_HOME is /usr/share/tomcat6, and CATALINA_BASE is /var/lib/tomcat6. This prevents the bundled installer to properly find tomcat in the system (since it was designed to allow you to install everything in one go, tomcat + postgres + jasper)

I recommend you to do a WAR file instalation of Jasper instead  see Chapter 5 of the install guide
where you can set in your this 2 diferent paths with no problem like this:

# if linux package managed tomcat instance, set two properties below
CATALINA_HOME = /usr/share/tomcat6
CATALINA_BASE = /var/lib/tomcat6
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ok thanks,
But maybe I don't have to install the war distribution, because the only reason i should do that is because I have following problem:

Do you know how I can do that?

samhast - 10 years 2 months ago

Dear Samhast,

Have you succesfully installed Jasperserver with existing tomcat?
Which tomcat location you choose?
I have the same problem with you.
Maybe you can share the solution.

Thank You

wahyu.sri.pamungkas_1 - 8 years 3 months ago