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Is there a setting to change the excel worksheet name from default "test" to just standard worksheet name like sheet 1?

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I suppose the version of the ireport is 4.5 and above because in these versions only changing the name of the sheets is possible.

This could be done easily following the steps:

1. Locate the Property pane for the report 

2. Then locate the Properties 

3. Then if you click on the properties then a pane will open and it will have an option to add click on it.

4. Then a pane will open which will ask the name and value of the property

5. The name of the property will be ' net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.sheet.names.{arbitrary_name}'

6. In the value you need to add the desired names of the sheet(s) seperated with '/' .For instance 'Report page1/Report page2/Report page3'

You are ready now export the report as xls and you can see the desired names of the sheet . 


Hope that it helps


Ankur Gupta

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HI Ankur,

I am using Jasperserver 5.0.1 and create Adhoc View / Adhoc Report

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Actually I used the iReport 5.0.1 to develop the report and test the above way to generate the custom names for the sheets.

I can't comment for adhoc reports , but as far as I know adhoc reports have some limitations as it is targeted for creation of basic reports where in the possibility of cutomizations are less. As it gives a pretty simple flow of creating reports with basic settings, so possibly it would not support the customization of the sheet names in the excel export. But see I am not sure , so please check the same  and let me also know if you get to do this with adhoc Reports.


Well the above steps , work fine with the iReport , if you use that


Hope that it helps.


Ankur Gupta

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I also faced same problem earlier in  iReport based, ( not in Adhoc report).

 So to change the sheet name i just change the name of report in iReport. 

Go to report properties and change report name, whatever name you mention thier appear as sheet name when report export to excel from jasperserver.

To export adhoc view and adhoc report in excel with proper sheet name you should provide proper naming to your view ,report and other components which may be helpful.



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thanks, but we do not use ireport to create the report.. we are using adhoc.. so it seems adhoc report is not able to do that..

jasper-2013 - 9 years 8 months ago