How to change parameters of another report in dashboard

I have a dashboard that contains 2 reports. I'm trying to change the parameters of report B by clicking on an url in report A, so that report B shows detailed information of report A. I only can get the report B to be run outside of the dashboard, but I want to run the report B in the dashboard.

Does anyone have any clues how that should be done?

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1 Answer:

I think you need to set the Hyperlink Target to Self.

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Thanks, By setting target to "self", it wil run the report B in the window itself. I only want to change the report B that is in the dashboard.

danielkrol - 9 years 12 months ago

Hyperlink target to self possible if we can hyperlink dashboard.But I think it is not possible to hyperlink and pass parameters to dashboard. It is possible with report only.

ajinkya_c - 9 years 12 months ago