Hide a report in jasper server

I have a hyperlink report. When User executes the main report and clicks on hyperlink.I will  show the detail report.

I dont want to show the detail report in the server report list.

How can I hide this report.

I have given execute only as a permission ,but then detailed report is not executed

Thanks In Advance.

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I don't have an answer, but I have the same problem and I'm eager to solve it. I have a few top-level reports that hyperlink to other secondary and tertiary reports. "Execute Only" doesn't work when the report is a fully-functioning, free-standing report, and you're passing variables to it via hyperlink.
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3 Answers:

Best way for that is to keep both the folders separate for Main and detail reports. If you found a better solution then please share.

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Does this work for you? My reports all show up in one list, regardless of what folder they're in, because their type is "Report".

lisacbeaton - 10 years 7 months ago

I had the same exact problem, the only solution that seems to be available is: 


The downside is that these reports become hidden to even you so they must be managed through iReport... that worked fine for me because that is where I do all my work anyway.

Hope this works for you.

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duplicate entry

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