Bitnami - Jasperserver linux install (ubuntu 12.04)

I have installed Jasperserver 5 using the bitnami premade stack. Now i have two of the servers installed. One will be the production version the other a development version. I need a way to sync or copy the reports from dev to production. Now I have read the docs and searched the internet and its become obvious that I am missing some enviorment stuff before running the js-import/js-export scripts.

root@deverp:/opt/jasperserver-5.0.0-0/apps/jasperserver/buildomatic# ./ --everything --output-dir
Using CE setup
./bin/ line 64: java: command not found 

Now this would indicate that i don't have java in my path. Is path the correct env variable to put it in? Also i have hacked at this a while ago and was able to get the java error to go away to only get a mysql.Driver error which also makes me think i am missing some basic step where the enviorment gets setup prior to the script running. Any help would be appreciated. Disclamier -- I am NOT a java guy. I use japser server to print forms from a python application that have written so be gentle :)

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2 Answers:

Solved by running use_jasperserver and then by modifing the scrip js-import-export.js...


echo "Using CE setup"
    export CONFIG_DIR=$BASEDIR/conf_source/ieCe
    for i in $CONFIG_DIR/lib/*.jar


Last line is the added line.

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Yes, that error means that Java is not configured (or installed) in your shell, you will need to add it to your path, but I will recomend to go ahead and install the JVM directly there it will save you a couple of headaches, 

Also I'm not sure what version you are using, but since Jasper Server 5.0 the 'superuser' can import and export repository elements form the UI. Login to JasperServer as superuser and in the repository view right click on any folder (or report unit) and you will see an Export option in the context menu, this does the same thing as the import/export scripts. To import back in your production server, login again as superuser and got to Manage Server and you will see the import option in the left menu.

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I accepted the answer to quickly. I am using Jasperserver5 but there is no export option in my right click. Logging in as jasper admin, checked users and rolls and it seems to have the highest permissions.

paul.kraus - 10 years 8 months ago

Jasperadmin will not have that option since jasperadmin is an organization level administrator. Login as superuser (password superuser) that is the main admin of the jasper instance

marianol - 10 years 8 months ago