Seamlessly navigation between dashboards


Hello once again community!

We are now looking for a way to provide our end users with the ability to seamlessly navigate between/through different dashboards.

For example if we are looking at a KPI dashboard is there a way for the user to navigate to a separate dashboard (related or not) and back to the originating KPI dashboard again; using any of the available UI elements?

Is their componentry in place that we can use to best provide this functionality to our users? 

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1 Answer:


You can use report Hyperlinks to navigate from one dashboard to another from links inside the reports, the JapserServer HTTP api alows you to have a specific flow for dashboards. i.e.:


So the format is http:///flow.html?_flowId=dashboardRuntimeFlow&dashboardResource=

Also chech this article in the Wiki, is not exactly what you are asking but it will give you an idea on the things you can achieve

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