chart refresh two times in report that has two pages


      i am using ireport 5.0 to develop jasper report  and jasperserver 5.0 as run-time environment to render reports , i came across issue where when i am rendering both chart and table in single report  chart refreshes twice, i kept both chart and table inside summary band , for chart i am using main dataset and for table i am using subdataset  , when no of rows in tables are more in numbers table gets splits in two pages and every time when we apply report parameter then chart inside refreshes twice , if i ignore pagination and shows all the data on single page then chart doesn't refreshes twice , but with pagination i am facing problem

       if someone came across this issue then let us know solution , tanks in advance.

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2 Answers:

I had the same behavior. In my case it was because I had "Page 1 of N" in the page footer. Because of this, JRS behaves like this:

  1. Renders first page as quickly as possible (including chart). Footer displays "Page 1 of"
  2. It calculates the full report.
  3. It updates the first page (includeing chart). Footer displays "Page 1 of 2".

In the case where step 2 takes 60 seconds... this behavior is great. You see page 1 very quickly, and then you see the updated version after the rest of the report is calculated.

But in the case where step 2 takes a few milliseconds... the report just appears to render twice. It's annoying. My immediate solution was to remove the Total Page calculation from the first page. That might work for you too.

You should log an enhancement request. (I already did, but it definitely adds to the urgency if community members log requests as well.)

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Thanks for quick response , it helped me lot , can you please let me know where you have logged an enhancement request , so that i can also logged enhancement request in future if needed.

prasad.basutkar - 10 years 8 months ago

The behaviour can be explicitly disabled per report by setting the net.sf.jasperreports.viewer.async property to false in the JRXML.

We did consider implementing a (configurable) interval in which to wait for the final page before rendering the incomplete page, but that didn't make it in 5.0.  Log a feature request in the trackers to keep the improvement on our radar.



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