Anybody to answer Questions

Hello dear empty Community, 

is there anybody they could answer the questions in the community. When i call to the support hotline i expelled to the community portal. But i feel here is nobody to answer any question. We are to be one´s own, and become desperate about. 

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1 Answer:

Yes there are people answering questions - but we can't all be here 24 hours a day and answer every question.  For what it is worth, the more you spam the questions with things like this, the less likely people will watch the questions and respond.

From my experience, the best way to get your questions answered (not necessarily in contrast to you questions, but in general) is to:

  • State your question very clearly - don't make people guess what your question is
  • State what you have tried - Don't just say what isn't working, but give some information on what you have done to troubleshoot and narrow down the options that will address your question of concern
  • Provide error messages and sample code/JRXML
  • Provide pointers to reference information that you are using (if you read something that says that it works, it is good to let people know in case they see something you missed)

Questions that have less of a chance of getting answered include:

  • Questions that don't follow the practices above
  • Questions on customizations/non-standard features - unless someone has done it before, or is super interested in getting it to work, they will not respond with an answer (To the above, the more info you give, the more likely someone will respond with at least an idea of what to try that might work.)
  • Questions that aren't actually questions - I see some that come through that say something is happening but there is no question and no way to tell what the person hopes to have happen. ("I do A and B happens"  - It is best to also include what is expected.)

If you ask your questions very clearly, provide the relevant background of what you are trying to acheive, and cover what you have tried and what your findings are, then it is a matter of being patient as people browse through and respond to questions.


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