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  1. Hello, in Query Designer, there is the possibility to export designs in XML format. Can i take this as a schematic for olap view instead to use the olap workbench to create a schema. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much. i see i must start a workbench.bat data. Where can find this one. Could you give some information please.
  3. Hello Community, I am using Jasperserver 5.0 Enterprise Edition. I have some question while creating schema. How can i create this schema. if i want create a olap view they want a schema file. Is this file to create manually like the example foodmart? If i read the user guide it only says that i have to create a schema file, but not how to create this. For MDX query, same question , Do I have to write it manually or some software can generate it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello dear empty Community, is there anybody they could answer the questions in the community. When i call to the support hotline i expelled to the community portal. But i feel here is nobody to answer any question. We are to be one´s own, and become desperate about.
  5. hello, i had installed the Jasperserver community edition, and want to see the sample data in pgadmin (postgresql). First the pgademin window ist empty and i must add the jasperserver a server with following loging data: the login data complies the default values. name: jasperserver server: localhost port 5432 username: postgres pw: postgres the connection passed successful but i cant see any data or a new server Thank you
  6. Hello, if i want to make a Test Connection to postgresql the connection passed: here are the properities: driver: org.postgresql.Driver url: jdbc:postgresql://127.0.01:5432/sugarcrm username and password are the standards
  7. Dear Community, i extract and transformate my CSV Files with Jaspersoft ETL and now i want this to load in JasperServer. How can i load this one in my JasperServer (DataWarehouse). Do you have any Tutorial or can help me please. Thank you
  8. Dear Community, my Problem when i want start Jaspersoft Studio-1.3.1 on Windows 7: "A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Eclipse.No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations:C:Program FilesJaspersoftjaspersoft Studio-1.3.1jrebinjavaw.exejavaw.exe in your current PATH" i have hard copy the folder "jre" from the original java folder, but it doesnt work also. Could anybody help please ?
  9. Thank you so much mgeise, i would like access with a public DNS entry/ip. I have already create a no-ip (dyndns) host but i need some help or "to-do" how can i config the connection. I search in google and don´t find any solution as yet. If the way is easier to bridge the conection on lokal, i would try this also.
  10. Dear Community, im trying to connect my Android Phone (JasperMobile App) with my JasperReports Server 4.7.0. JasperReports Server ist installed on local on windows 7. Is there any how-to tutorial how can i go forward. Or have anyone experience or know how can i do. Thanks
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