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iReport To Studio 1.1.2

(.) with iReport select object (text field) and key left, right you can move. On Studio select object but keypress left, right move focus to other object. It correct?

(.) with iReport when an object overlaps another object the selection changes color. It possible with Studio 1.1.2?

(.) how to compile the report without using preview?



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Hi Francesco,
here the answers, I hope, to your doubts.

  • in JSS you can use the standard Eclipse way of doing the same stuff: once you have selected the object in report you want to move you can press "." (period key). After doing so, you will see the usual feedback for moving activate and you will be able to use the keys to move the element. Use enter to accept the new position or esc to cancel the move. 
    You will notice that when pressing "." more times you will cycle through the different handles: this allows you to resize the element using the navigation keys ;-)
  • this behavior similar to the iReport one has been implemented and will be available in the upcoming Jaspersoft Studio 1.1.3.
  • the report is automatically compiled: you should see the .jasper file on the same folder of your jrxml file. This is the standard behavior since the "Build automatically" option is enabled.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,

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 Thanks :-)))


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