Elements in Report don't line up as nicely once in Dashboard

I have a couple of reports where I've lined up some numbers to be small and just to the right of a Spark Column widget.  They look fine, but the detail bands are a little close together, so the spacing is key to associating a low and high amount with each other (one is just above the other) rather than with the previous or next detail.  But once I drop this report into a dashboard, it seems to put more space between my two numbers and therefore less space relatively between the detail records.  Has anyone else run into this kind of difference in rendering?  Is it just a known limitation of dashboards, similar to how HTML is rendered differently based on size of the window, resolution, etc.?  Or is there a design and/or coding workaround?  I've attached screenshots of the single report (the effect I'm going for) and that same report inside a dashboard (a little confusing to the viewer, thanks to the distortion in the positioning of the data).


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1 Answer:

This should get logged as a bug. The report should render the same in both places. I haven't seen the changed spacing like that before, but I have seen a similar problem where urls look different depending on whether the report is in a dashboard.

It's due to CSS properties being set differently on the report viewing page vs the dashboard page. The HTML is identical, but the styles are not quite identical. With sufficient poking around in stylesheets you should be able to fix it. But I don't know if that will be easy or hard.


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