Control report font Name, Size and Color

I want to control report font Name, Size and Color
at Runtime.

User select font size and color which will be stored in database.

Then before run the report it read the parameters :
$P{parameterFontSize} and

from database and show according to.

Any help appriciated

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3 Answers:


This could be achieved in various ways.
1. Using styled text.
2. Using conditional styles.
3. Using report styles that are altered at runtime on the compile report template (JasperPrint object) before using it for filling with data (/demo/samples/alterdesign sample provided).

I hope this helps.
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thanks Teodor.

Can you plese explain how can i use
1)Styled text or
2)Conditional styles, if possible
with example so that when report admin
from my application select to to see---->
suppose (tohma,10,BLACK) from our application
customization screen(which will store in db)
then all the reports from JI 1.1 will be
displayed in that format/style.

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Can anyone help us out even ia m nt able to implement font injasperserver while its so easy to implement them in iReport please help its really very urgent .

Font is nt visible in jasperserver when i installed them in OS the font was visible injasperserver but wen i export it to pdf again i was disappointed please help me, as installing the font on every system at operating system is nt the right way to go ahead please guide me
I am using Jasperserver 3.7.2 Enterprise Edition
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