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It seems like MySQL is changing their business model by the introduction of MySQL Community Server and the MySQL Enterprise Server. How is this going to impact on JasperSoft offerings for example JasperIntelligence bundles with a free version of MySQL?

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MySQL has always had this model - it is just that most people ignore it. Here are MySQL's open source license terms:
. Note the distinction about distribution. If you distribute software based on MySQL, you either have to open source your code under the GPL, or get a commerical license from them (except for PHP?).

JasperIntelligence is GPL with open source + non-GPL components, so we fall under MySQL's FLOSS exception
Thus we can distribute MySQL bundled. If you extend and distribute JasperIntelligence, we have the same GPL requirement as MySQL - either open source your code or come to us for a commercial license. We interpret distribution to include having JasperIntelligence included in a public web site or a web site for customers, partners etc. We are a MySQL partner, and our commercial products can include a commercially licensed version of MySQL if you require.

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