Complexe Hierarchy in Mondrian Schema

As the Mondrian Schema is a essential part of the JI Portal i think this forum is the right place to post my Problem.

I`ve too build a complexe Hierarchy Structure: For now I`ve built a Parent-child Hierarchy that displays my contribution accounting. That wokrs quiet good, but i also have to slice this contribution accounting. It has to be splitted per Brand. The Situation:
I`m working for a Company that sales Mercedes Benz. We have the Brands Mercedes Chrysler/Jeep & Smart. The accounts are matched to the brand through the 5th number of the accounting number, for example: if the 5th number is a 1 the brand is Mercedes. But htis only happens in the lowest level of the hierarchy, all parents above the lowest level (one single account) are brand independent.
I want to keep my parent child structure but i don`t want to built a single parent/child structur for each brand. Is there a way to filter the data through given 5th account number?

hope someone can help me with this problem!
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2 Answers:

This is exactly the right place to post....

Could you create another dimension that is just for brand? This does not have to be in a separate table and the levels of this dimension can be defined by a SQL statement, but it sounds like it would be best to have brand as a separate dimension altogether, so there would be a brand foreign key on your fact table etc.

Could you post your schema?

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I`ve built it in the way you suggested it. the splitting by brands works good.

So this problem is solved.

But i have also the problem with the performance, but htis i`ll post in another thread
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