Automatic deployment/update of report jrxml files on JasperReports Server with script

Hello everyone,

Still looking for a possible solution for all my latest reports from the repository (jrxml extension files) to be automatically deployed and to update the existing old ones which were manually published with the JasperSoft Studio to the server's repository.

I know the JasperReports server repository is the server’s internal storage for reports and it is organized as a structure of folders containing resources including the jrxml files but stored as a private database that only JasperReports Server can access directly. I know also that we could use the existing export and import REST API for similar purposes but with them we can not export and import (with modifying the zip file to include our latest jrxml file from the repo) a particular jrxml file.

I would like to know how to access automatically the server's private database (repository) with the published jrxml files and to update them with the latest ones already cloned locally on my machine. 

Thank you for your ideas in advance.

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1 Answer:


Unfortunately, There is not out of box automatic way to update the new jrxml reports onto the Jasperserver server without manually republishing it into the server.

You can create an enhancement request on the Jaspersoft Ideas portal to share your ideas: 

I hope this will help you, thanks!



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