When Generating Jasper Excel output with large set of data,following issue iam facing

1.Heap space memory Issue

2.Taking more time in Hours

3.Output is not generted and get hanged

4.if Generated,generating in multisheets(i Need in single sheet)

Expecting Some Solutions for all this

Thank You

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2 Answers:

There isn't enough memory allocated to the JVM to process that much data; jasper is failing because it doesn't have the resources needed to fill that report. 

If this is happening on your local machine, you can increase the memory available to the JVM, but that will be limited by the system you're using (the actual memory available).


If this is happening on JasperServer, you have several options available to address this, but the most straight forward is again to increase the memory available. You can find documentation on the Apache Tomcat website, and here's an example that demonstrates how that's done


If increasing the memory available the JVM isn't an option, you can look into virtualizers, which can help segment the amount of memory in use - if so just post back, that's a bit more involved than just bumping up the memory settings - 


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This memory issue you can resolve by settings of JVM options with increasing the memory as mentioned in section 4.1.1 in the below document:


I hope this will help you, please let us know if you have any queries. thanks!

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