long Numeric data on JSPER report is shown in scientific format

When we add numeric data that is more than 7-8 digets onto Jasper reports, it is getting converted into scientific format. Can we do something by which it is shown in simple numeric format?

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I am not sure Java Long class by default display the scientific notation unless you format it in the report template. Do you have a sample report template (JRXML file) and its output to demonstrate the issue?

tchen - 5 months 1 week ago

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arai_4 - 4 months 1 week ago


Is this number format conversion occurring after previewing the report or issue this issue occurring to exporting the report output into a certain format e.g. csv? 

Could you please share the jrxml report with the sample data to reproduce the issue at our end to help you? thanks!

Swapnil Pawar - 4 months 1 week ago
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We are eagerly anticipating your response to the comment mentioned above. Please provide the requested information so that we can assist you in addressing your question effectively.

mrajkuma - 4 months 2 days ago

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