How to change xpath executer factory from xalan to Jaxen

I am using geekcom phpjasper jasperstarter to generate reports in my laravel app.  The reports generation is too slow.  While searching I found that changing xpath executer factory from xalan to jaxen can speed up the process.  My question is what settings (and where) are required to force jasperstarter to use jaxen instead of xalan.  I have already downloaded the jaxen-1.1.6 jar file and added it to geekcom\phpjasper\bin\jasperstarter\lib folder.

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I am not aware of your app but Out of the box, I changed the net.sf.jasperreports.xpath.executer.factory from the XalanXPathExecuterFactory to JaxenXPathExecuterFactory in the jaspersoft Studio(JSS).

No need to add the jar manually it's already present in the JSS.

You can change the property using the jss as follow, Preferences -> Jaspersoft Studio -> Properties then search for the property "net.sf.jasperreports.xpath.executer.factory" and then add the value as given below:


Apply and close.

I checked that it improved some report filing time. I hope this will help you. Thanks!

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