Error Schedule Mail: JasperReports Server encountered an error while generating this report. Please contact your administrator.

A client of mine is getting a report with jaspersoft. Some of these reports are scheduled every Monday and every Tuesday at 8 o'clock and are forwarded to some email addresses.
There was no problem before and it was working. This error mail has been sent in all scheduled mails for a few weeks and the report is not displayed in the email: "JasperReports Server encountered an error while generating this report. Please contact your administrator.
We made the scheduled mails disabled. However, he did not detect this and when the time comes, he again transmits these error mails to everyone.
We ticked it in "Send failure notification" in Schedule edit, but no error mail was received.
What should we do to access the log or what could be the source of this error.
Now when I want to view a scheduled report in JasperSoft, I can view it easily, but when the schedule runs, these error mails are sent.
We are in a difficult situation. Can you support us for a solution?

Product version: 6.0.1

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1 Answer:


To send only the schedule notification to jasperadmins please do the below setting.

To enable the schedule notifications to send the notifications to the jasperadmin users and to the schedule owner user will get the notification.

You need to modify the tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\.applicationContext-report-scheduling.xml file by modifying the below property present in the xml file.
Please set the value of the below property to false. So, then it will send alerts to the jasperadmin users and to the schedule owner.

<entry key="disableSendingAlertToAdmin" value="false"/>
<entry key="disableSendingAlertToOwner" value="false"/>

To send alert only to the jasperadmin and not the Schedule owner then you have to do configuration as follows:
<entry key="disableSendingAlertToAdmin" value="false"/>
<entry key="disableSendingAlertToOwner" value="true"/>

Note: Please save the file and restart the jasperserver to reflect the changes in the server. If the user/s added in the email are admin then they will get the
schedule notification, you may restrict the schedule owner or to jasperadmin as per your requirement.

For more information, please refer to youtube video:

I hope this will help you, thanks!


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