Jaspersoft Server 7.5 Jaspersoft Studio compatibility


Can anyone tell me which version of Jaspersoft Studio is able to connect to a Jaspersoft Server 7.5?

I have searched in the release notes of both applications, but couldn't find anything about compatibility.

Someone mentioned that you should use the same version number of both apps, but that was before they changed the version pattern for comuntity edition.

I've tried a few different versions, but i cant tell if i'm doing something wrong or if its the wrong version.

Jaspersoft Studio genereally loads forever if i click on "Test connection"...

Jasper Server 7.5 is runnig in a docker container, is accessible, an the credentials are also correct.

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Worked it out with the help of how-connect-jaspersoft-studio-jasperreports-server.

Jaspersoft Studio 6.6 seems to work.

h.kern - 1 month 3 weeks ago

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