Jasper UI Search utility displays report that don't have proper permissions


We are using Jasper server V6.4.3. We have a sample folder structure like below.


 - Folder1(Child)

- Folder2(child)

We have created 2 roles ROLE_1 and ROLE_2. For MyFolder, these two roles were set with "Read Only" permissions. For Folder1, ROLE_1 has "Read+Write" and ROLE_2 has "No Access". For Folder2,  ROLE_2 has "Read+Write" and ROLE_1 has "No Access".

When I login with a specific user who has ROLE_1 assigned, I can able to see MyFolder->Folder1 in the left side panel tree. Folder2 is not appearing in the tree. This is expected  behavior. But, when I search for a report by typing something in search box, it displays the results from Folder2 as well. 

I tested the same scenario in V6.4.0 and it is working fine. We don't get any search results from Folder2. But, the same sceario is not working in V6.4.3. 

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1 Answer:


What are the permissions on the report itself? If you set "No Access" to the report, can you see see it in the search bar from the other user? I assume they have some permission to the report if they can see it in a search.



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