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Hi Team,

I've got 1 report with 2 images on it.  Each image has a reference to an URL so the image is actually coming from an internet web site.  The URL is different for both images.

If I "preview" the report in Jaspersoft Studio it all looks good.

I then publish the report to jasper reports server.  When I look at the report on the server, both images are identical.  It's like it's only reading 1 URL and using it for both images.

Any ideas?  It's really doing my head in!

Jaspersoft Studio 6.12.2  and JasperReports Server  CP 7.5.0

Many thanks in advance

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If you look at the raw code in the JRXML, does it have the same URL for both image? Or are they different? One other solution is that you can upload the image to the repository and have the report use those images. You would have to use the path in the repository instead of a URL source.



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