How to fix MTResourceNotVisibleException


Hi there,

I am seeing the following exception in the log that keeps firing and causing out of memory heap space error.

Anyone could help on how to fix it please :

2019-11-26 22:00:01,279 ERROR AdHocViewReportLoadingService,quartzScheduler_Worker-2:156 - You may not access resources which do not belong to your organization.
com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.multipleTenancy.MTResourceNotVisibleException: You may not access resources which do not belong to your organization.
Arguments: ......
Caused by: com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.multipleTenancy.MTResourceNotVisibleException: Path /Admin_Reporting/v635/audit/domains/AuditDomain_files/ is not visible in organization context Multitenancy context: organization
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This still looks like the result of that scheduled audit report. Do you have a lot of scheduled reports? Do you have an audit report scheduled that you can delete or disable? 

That error specifically looks like a report is scheduled by a user who is not in the same organization as that organization the scheduled report is in. I am not sure if this error is from the same report as before, or if this is a new issue. If possible, I would suggest looking through the scheduled reports and trying to identity which one is an audit report that is being executed.



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