JasperReports Server - Trouble updating library to 6.5.0


Hi - I'm new to this community so apologies in advance for any omissions. In an effort to address our reports impacted by issue #6846, I attempted to update the JasperReports Server library from version 6.4.3 to 6.5.0, by following the steps below:

  1. Downloaded 6.50 project, and extracted to my local drive
  2. Stopped the Tomcat server
  3. Copied 3 JAR files in DIST folder to the Jasper Server in the following Tomcat folder structure: …\webapps\jasperserver\WEB-INF\lib
  4. Restarted Tomcat

However, we're still seeing issue #6846 on our reports, and when I export to PDF, the version is diplaying as 6.4.1 in the document properties of the PDF. I would appreciate any insights.

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Thanks for your response. We had initially upgraded the JasperServer from v6.4.3 to v7.1.1, but had not copied the JasperReports 6.5.0 Libraries over to the server. Since that did not resolve our issue, we have sence reverted the server back to v6.4.3.

As a more specific question, we noticed that when running our report, and then exporting it to .PDF, the Document Properties on the PDF shows a Library version of 6.4.1, even after copying the 6.5.0 .jar files to the server.

On the JasperServer (...WEB_INF/lib), I only see the following 3 JAR files that reference v6.4.1:




I do not see a 6.5.0 verion of the above files in the JasperReports Library 6.5.0 Project download.

So, my question is: After adding the 6.5.0 .jar files to the JasperServer, should I expect to see reference to v6.5.0 PDF Document Properties?


leonard.neely - 7 months 2 weeks ago

Correction: From the 3 files listed above, it is only the (jasperreports-customvisualization-6.4.1.jar) which I do not see a 6.5.0 version of.

leonard.neely - 7 months 2 weeks ago

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You probably have to upgrade to JasperReports Server 7.1.x because JasperReports aren't 100% compatible between versions so it probably isn't about just replacing the jar file.


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