Using OpenJDK 11 with JasperSoft Studio


I have reports that use methods defined in external JAR files. As a result of Oracle's license changes, we have moved to OpenJDK 11 for our development and deployment environments. The external JARs are being built with OpenJDK 11, however, when I try to compile the reports, Jaspersoft Studio reports a version mismatch. I tried to change Studio to reference a newer Java version, but can only change to 10. Even at that, the version mismatch is reported.

Is there a way to have Studio use the OpenJDK JARs? If not, is there a timetable for support for openJDK 11 in Jaspersoft Studio?


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I'm using Jaspersoft Studio plugin with eclipse using OpenJDK11.

It's a limitation with version of eclipse that's bundled in Jaspersoft Studio. To use OpenJDK, you'll need to install the latest version of eclipse and then add Jaspersoft Studio as a plugin.


1. OpenJDK 11 is supported in the latest eclipse version 2019-03 that came out last month.

2. Set that up and install Jaspersoft Studio plugin

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