Columns are overlapping/Merged in excel after Combining StaticJRXML with Dyanmic Jasper

Hi Team,

       In our project we are using JasperSoft  Studio 6.6.0  for genrateing static report for First template page & from second page onwards we are using Dynamic jasper. Now we are facing the issue after combining both static JRXML with Dynamic Jasper the excel output overlapping the column cell. i have mentioned bellow all properties on each element but of no use. 
                    <property name="" value="Sample DB"/>
                    <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.print.keep.full.text" value="true"/>
                    <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.wrap.text" value="true"/>
                    <property name="" value="true"/>
                    <property name="" value="true"/>
                    <property name="" value="false"/>
                    <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.ignore.cell.border" value="false"/>
                    <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.image.border.fix.enabled" value="false"/>
                    <property name="" value="true"/>
            But without combining these 2  if i tried with only Static JRXML ,we are able to see the contents are properly aligned to each columns without any overlapping/merge.


            Colud you please help us with the possible solutions.

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1 Answer:

It doesn't seem like dynamic jasper support jasperreports 6.6.0.

Dynamic jasper is a projected maintained by a different organization. Probably better to post your question about dynamic jasper in their forum instead of here.

With the information you've provided, all I can say is that you probably have a bug in your dynamic jasper. It also seems like dynamic jasper doesn't support newer version of JasperReports.

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