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I have an excel file that contains a few columns with article descriptions like short_title_NL,short_title_EN, short_title_DE

I want to generate a report in the language that a user has chosen via a prompted parameter.

e.g. the user types in NL for the variable Language, and the chosen column to display in the report would be the description in dutch, so the field short_title_NL would have to be printed.

I've tried to create a text field like this:

$F{"short_title_" + P{Language}}  in the hope that it would evaluate to $F{short_title_NL}

But I get the error 'Field not found: "short_title_" + P{Language  ---


Can someone point me in the right direction? Please bear in mind  that this is an excel file.



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2 Answers:

That won't work. You'll need to make it into 2 separate parameters and combine them in the sql clause to retrieve the data.

If the field is static, you may want to investigate on using resource bundle.


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Thanks I don't know if this would work with excel (can't use sql).

But I got the same result using this in the expression editor:


( $P{taal}.equals("NL") ? $F{short_title-nl_BE} + " " + ($F{baseline-nl_BE}!=null?$F{baseline-nl_BE}:"") :
( $P{taal}.equals("FR") ? $F{short_title-fr_FR} + " " + ($F{baseline-fr_FR}!=null?$F{baseline-fr_FR}:"") :
( $P{taal}.equals("DE") ? $F{short_title-de_DE} + " " + ($F{baseline-de_DE}!=null?$F{baseline-de_DE}:"") 
    : $F{short_title-en_US} + " " + ($F{baseline-en_US}!=null?$F{baseline-en_US}:"")

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