Login REST api not supported on 7.x version


Just trying to understand why the Login REST api is not supported on the 7.x version. I just updated from 6.3.0 to 7.x and seems like my integration which uses the REST api under the hood has started failing giving me 404 - Not found error on Login call.


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@hozawa - the login using REST does not seems to work on community edition, I contacted Tibco support for the same (using a commerical support id) and they informed me that they made a fix for the commercial edition but for community edition they do not perform hotfix kind of support. That was really strange to me. They asked me the use the j_spring_security_check instead.


During my test I get 404 - Not found on the login REST url.


vaibhav.gaikwad - 4 years 8 months ago

2 Answers:

Exactly which REST API are you trying to use?

7.1.0 still has Login authentication APIs.


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In the documentation of 7.1.0 there is Rest Api Login, but when using it, error 404 occurs.

To get around the error, I used the "rest_v2 / users" validating the existence of the user.

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