Does the output to repository have a limit on what is displays in the Browser?


I am scheduling a report. I go to Library(click). Find report right click and select schedule. I go to  the schedule tab, all is good, I go to the Parameter tab, all is good. I go to the Output Options tab. All is good till I select the BROWSE on the "Output to Repository" I browse to where I need to go and I don't  see all my folders. 

This happens on Produciton. When I do the same thing on my developement system all my folders show. 

Is there some setting that needs to be set. I have looked and I can find nothing as to why on DEVELOPEMNT I can see all the folders and in PRODUCTION I cannot.

Any Ideas?

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Please make sure you have write access permission to the reposiotry folders that you intend to save report job output file to. You need to have admin role to review and set folder permissions.

tchen - 1 year 10 months ago

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Since you can't see the repositiory, you probably don't have read permission to the folder.

Check permission on the repository folder that you are trying to output to.


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