I am an amateur with Jaspersoft studio and I want to create reports with as data source an Oracle database.

I added the .JAR file "ojdbc" in the Driver Classpath part
When I create the connection, when I run the test, it shows me this message:

ora-12505 tns listener does not currently know of sid given in connect descriptor.

And how import oracle database in jaspersoft studio

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2 Answers:

Check this ref:

For import database in jasper, you need create a data adapter first, which connect to your databse. Then create your report with this adapter.

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The message implies you don't have oracle sid that you've specified. Ask your database administrator to check if the ip address, port, SID, username, password is correct.

Jaspersoft Studio is just using jdbc connection to oracle database so the connection should be something like the following.

jdbc:oracle:thin:@ipaddress:1521:SID", "username", "password");


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