Can i embed Adhoc views using visualize.js?

I am trying to embed one Adhoc view into my front end page.

If i am trying to embed the same using Javascript, i am getting error like 'v.AdHocView is not a function'.

But i am able to embed normal reports using report method in visualize.js. Is the adhoc view embed feature available?

I have compared visualize.js of "" and my own server's visualize.js and found that adHocView function is missing out in my JS file.. should i do something for this?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer:

Hello nanjundansrini,

Embedding of Ad Hoc views is only supported in Jasper version 7.1.x and above. If you are not on the latest GA version of Jaspersoft, then embedding of Ad Hoc views is not supported via visualize.js 

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